Be Your Own Placebo July 29th Opening Celebration!

Screening of Electric Women by Martha ColburnBe Your Own Placebo

28 Holden street

North Adams MA

New Show Opening on July 29th with live music performances and film screenings
starting at 6 until 10pm

Curated by Jamie Lee Mohr

Artwork by:  Gabrielle Valenti, Jonathan Osofsky, Elina Malkin, Jason Martin, Martha Colburn, Jennifer Sullivan, Celeste Dupuy-Spencer

Live Music and performances by:
Jason Martin
Male Room
Jeremy Kelly

Video Screenings:
Electric Women by Martha Colburn

CRYSTALLUS by Kathrine Bauer

Sound Installation by:

Jessica Rylan

Boston synthesizer designer and tone warper Jessica Rylan’s performances are spare but magnetic, using empty space and static moods as a beacon for transfixion. When she speaks into her microphone, her circuits chop, bend and break her earnest confessions as she paces and sways, calibrating knobs to reconfigure the sound. Rylan’s intimate sort of noise is steady and patient, not given to the momentary onslaughts of many of her peers. Even when she goes entirely instrumental, her synthesizers abide the same general aesthetic, their sudden shifts in tone and texture meant to pull you closer into her different gravity, not blow you further into your own.

Jonathan Osofsky
“A passionate lover of crowds and incognitos, peacock!revolution!is!our!revolution! carries originality to the point of shyness. Recently, when peacock!revolution!is!our!revolution! learnt I had in mind to write a bio in appreciation of its mind and its talent, it begged me — very imperiously I must admit — to suppress its name, and if I must speak of its works, to speak of them as if they were the works of an anonymous artist. I will humbly comply with this singular request. The reader and I will preserve the fiction that peacock!revolution!is!our!revolution! does not exist, and we shall concern ourselves with its interventions, monuments and becomings (for which it professes a patrician scorn) as though we were scholars who had to pronounce upon precious historical documents, thrown up by chance, whose author must remain eternally unknown. And finally, to give complete reassurance to my conscience, it must be supposed that all I have to say of its strangely mysterious and brilliant nature is more or less suggested by the works in question-pure poetic hypothesis, conjecture, a labour of the imagination.”-Charles Baudelaire- Painter of Modern Life

Live performances by:

Male Room
High Energy, Italo Disco, Eurobeat, If Klaus Nomi made house music.
Bio: Male Room originated out of the dust of Split Me Wide Open with Conrad and Giorgio playing New York City clubs and in Mexico City in the early 2000s. At that time Male Room released tracks on Cleopatra Compilation titled Electrowave and on several Dinero Rosa Compilations. Conrad moved to Mexico City to dance and during this period Jeevan Goff from the legendary electronic duo T-4-2 and Ngonda Badilla joined the band playing shows under the alias NRG People.

Jason Martin

File under 80s Furry Spandex Internet Video Air Force Power Play Witchcraft Illuminati

Jeremy Kelly
dazzling collection of smoke-curled psychedelia. Featuring home made electronics, acoustic instruments and exquisite arrangements, the music is soothing, engaging and mystical, transporting the listeners deep inside.  an extended electric guitar workout that rattles around the edges of the solar system, dancing between the stars, before landing on a faraway planet to contemplate the infinite, truly beautiful.


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[…] Be Your Own Placebo, 28 Holden St. Live Music and performance by Jason Martin, Male Room and Jeremy Kelly. Video Screenings by Martha Coburn and Katherine Bauer. Artworks by Gabrielle Valenti, Jonathan Osofsky and Elina Malkin. […]

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